Composite pools are high-tech and durable. These pools do not require any additional modifications. The strength and long service life of composite pools is ensured by the composition of composite layers, which make up the entire structure of the bowl. The top layer of the pool has the highest technical,
aesthetic quality. In addition, composite pools have extraordinary functionality. The design features of these pools allow you to perfectly combine the area near the pool with different types of finishes

Composite pools are perfect for pavilions designed for swimming, where you can enjoy swimming all year round. In the pavilions, the water in the pool is always warm, not covered with dust and dirt.

The main advantages of composite pools are as follows: - composite pools are made of environmentally friendly, durable, flexible, non-rotting and corrosion material. A real opportunity to realize your ideas with the help of the original
design's. Composite pools do not have seams, edges, sharp corners, do not require special care, as they are not subject to the appearance of mold and fungi. Resistant to frost, UV rays, chemicals.

If necessary, it is easy to repair the presence of special holes for the installation of filtering equipment, as well as additional devices easy disassembly if necessary, transfer to another location, without losing the original appearance
it can be carried out both outdoors and indoors, and in the shortest possible time without large financial costs, the installation of a composite pool does not require a lot of labor. The formation of composite pools takes place with the help of polyester resin in combination with reinforcing materials such as fiberglass, roving, fiberglass and sale.

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